What is a Junk Journal?

What is a Junk Journal

Hello crafty friend, since you've seen all of these printable junk journal kits, you may be wondering...

What is a Junk Journal?

A junk journal is a handcrafted book created from recycled materials such as book and magazine pages, sheet music, wrapping papers, paper bags, greeting cards, doilies, and printable junk journal kits and ephemera.  Cereal boxes and discarded book covers may be used to make the covers.  And these are only a few examples of what can be used to create them.  This list of materials & combinations is  limited only by our creativity so allow your creativity and imagination to soar!

What to Put in a Junk Journal

Why is it called a "Junk Journal"

The final journals are known as "Junk Journals" because they incorporate a range of materials ranging from junk mail to vintage papers and may be any size the designer desires.  Much like the artists that creates them, they do not follow rules.  These exquisite journals, on the other hand, are far from junk. They really are little treasures to use and collect.


What is a Junk Journal

What do I do with a Junk Journal?

Junk journals are extremely versatile and may be used for a variety of purposes.
You may use them as a standard journal, a memory journal, an art journal, or all of the above.

The bottom line is that there are no rules when it comes to these little works of art.  You may make them anyway you want and do whatever you want with them.  Allow your creativity and imagination to guide you.

My dear friend and colleague, Linda Israel, adores junk journals and has been making them for many years now.  She has built a fantastic Facebook group that will welcome you with open arms if you are ready to jump headfirst into this ever-growing craft.


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