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About Calico Collage

Welcome to Calico Collage, a personal testament to the beauty of digital artistry and vintage charm. My journey began on Etsy in 2008, and from there, I've expanded to create my own space at www.CalicoCollage.com. As an independent digital artist, I specialize in creating artistic vintage Printable Ephemera and Junk Journal Kits.

At Calico Collage, I am dedicated to offering high-quality printable files for those who want to craft something to cherish, to match their own love for creativity. Each piece is crafted to inspire your imagination and add a unique vintage flair to your projects, perfect for Junk Journals, Scrapbooking, and various mixed media endeavors. My collection blends classic elegance with artistic innovation, ensuring that each creation is something truly special.

Whether you've discovered my work on Etsy or through my website, you're invited to explore a world of digital art that's lovingly crafted with a touch of nostalgia, ready to be part of your next creative adventure.


Calico Collage, Printable Ephemera


About Norella Bouchard

Hello! My personal story is deeply woven into the heart and creative force behind Calico Collage and into every aspect of my art. I married my high school sweetheart in 2001, and together we embarked on a life journey filled with love, adventure, and challenges. His career in the military has been a significant part of our lives, along with raising our two wonderful boys, who have been my constant source of inspiration and joy.


Norella Bouchard - About Me

Our family's military journey meant moving from place to place, embracing new experiences in each location. This nomadic lifestyle matched our shared love for travel, and greatly influenced my artistic perspective. However, the desire and need to support my husband's career and be present for our boys led me to carve my own path. Thus, Calico Collage was born – out of necessity and nurtured by passion. Calico Collage has allowed me to blend my role as a military spouse and a mother with my love for art and design.



Norella Bouchard - About Me

With my husband's retirement from the military, our life settling into a comfortable rhythm, along with the growth and independence of our boys, have allowed me more time to devote to what I love most – designing for all the wonderful creators I meet! My art is a tapestry of these life experiences, drawing from the richness of our travels and the depth of our family life. Every piece I create is a reflection of this continuous journey, a blend of past adventures and present inspirations. Calico Collage is not just my business; it's a living, ever-evolving expression of my personal and artistic growth and a real blessing share that inspiration with fellow creators and artists from all around the world.