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Printing Tips

What type of printer?

I prefer using a laser printer when printing digital collage sheets.  But I understand that not everyone has a laser printer.  Printing from your personal inkjet printer is just fine.  I do suggest that you check the following before printing.
  • Be sure to check your ink cartridges are full
  • Be sure that your printer can handle the type of paper you are printing on.  
  • Print your files at 300dpi for a 8.5x11 size paper
  • Set your printer to print at it's highest quality

What if I don't have a printer?

If you do not have a printer, no fear!  You can also pop over to OfficeMax or Office Depot and they will print your files for a small fee.  Make sure to tell the person who is printing the collage sheets that you would like them to print the file at 100%, not "shrink to fit or "fit to page"

What type of paper?

The type of paper that you need all depends on the type of project that you will be making with the printed collage sheet.
  • If you plan on making jewelry with the collage sheet, such as wood pendant or placing the image in a bezel.  I suggest that you use 28lb to 32lb paper with a whiteness rating of at least 98. 
  • If you plan on using the collage sheet for something like Mixed Media Art I would suggest using card stock paper about 65lb or heavier.


The most common issues that arises when printing Digital Collage Sheets are that they print too small or too large.  These issues can be fixed easily by following these 2 simple steps.
  1. Download your collage sheet directly to your computer.  Do not print from your web browser.
  2. When you you print your collage sheet from your computer make sure that the "page scaling" setting is set to "100%" .  Do not select "Fit to Print", when "fit to print" is selected your collage sheet will print smaller.