Vintage Poetry Junk Journal Printable

I created this poetry junk journal printable in honor of "Random Acts of Poetry" day.  When I saw this fun little "holiday" I just had to do a little something for it. 

Random Acts of Poetry Day is about spreading poetry like confetti in public and on social media.  Chalk your favorite poem onto the sidewalk (or a blackboard), leave one on a subway seat, pin one onto your local grocery store board, and that is just a few ideas.  Be creative & have fun!   You are welcome to download this poem collection and do just that.  Spread them around! (and don't forget to tuck one around in your junk journal)


Vintage Poem Junk Journal Printable

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What a lovely idea! Thank you for this!

Robyn Porter

love the poetry!

Pamela Perry

Thank you so much. Can’t wait to use the winter birds and winter people.


I agree what a fun holiday :D Thank you very much for giving spirit! Love all the digitals you create! These freebies are a wonderful way to add to the fun of making journals! Again Thank you for the freebies!

Rose Ann Deighan

Thank you for the freebies. I love them so much!

Marion Ross

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